Saturday, 28 September 2013

September post

I have not forgotten my self-challenge!
This month's post comes to you as a life update in 4 parts:

Part one:
School started, yay. -_- It's only been a month but it feels longer. Also tests are starting next week and I'm busier than ever.

Part two:
My birthday passed and I'm now 17.
o_o When did I reach 17?! I don't feel like I'm 17. How are you supposed to feel at 17 anyway?

Part three:
I finally have enough money to buy myself a Wacom drawing tablet! Yay!  ^_^ And maybe some new books. (Ignoring the fact that my wardrobe needs a serious update ^^")

Part four:
I recently read La Petite Fadette for school and really liked it. I will try to write a review thingy buuuut... I make no promises.

I am determined to make a post a month for a year, I refuse to fail!

See ya next month.

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