Friday, 5 April 2013

E is for Enter Sandman

It was hard to decide what to make today's post about. I went through eco-houses, then education, then the elements, but decided that I should write about them some other time because there's a lot to say and these posts need to be short. So in the end I decided to go with Enter Sandman by Metallica, to add a bit of music to my posts.

Enter Sandman is the first single from Metallica's fifth album, Metallica(also known as the Black Album). It's one of the band's most-played songs(over 1100 times). The music was written by Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, while the lyrics were written by James alone and deal with the concept of a child's nightmares.

The video for the song was released two weeks before the release of the album. The plot of the video is basically the theme of the song, a child having nightmares and the Sandman watching him.

I think the video fits the song very well. It has this sort of sinister feel to it, with the creepy old man(Sandman) and all the nightmares the child is having.

I really like this song, definitely among my favourites. (I should also mention that I have a lot of favourites. =D)


  1. I am not much into rock but Metallica was a hit among my friends.

  2. I'm much more a fan of the sandman portrayed in Rise of the Guardians. ;) Still, it's a catchy song.

    1. Sadly I have yet to see that movie. Judging from the trailer it's awesome! I can't wait to see it! ^_^ Thanks for stopping by.